Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Sunriver trip- trying to catch up on blogging!!!

Our second week long adventure in Sunriver this summer included lots of park time, sewing (rory even helped sew a doll quilt), music in the village, 1st time cookie baking, pony rides (no hesitation this time!) hanging out with the cousins and spending time with Dr. Mandy and her family. Pat joined us for both weekends, but the girls and I stayed with my mom for the week. We of course continued the tradition of eating ice cream at Goody's and started what I hope to be a new tradition of going to south twin lake for some swimming and picnic- it was beautiful and i liked letting the girls swim in something other then a pool! Another fun addition was eating at flatbread in Bend. Rory loved getting to make her own pizza- definitely something we will make a habit. It was fun, but it seemed like we weren't home at all this summer. We have enjoyed our Portland time since being home and have had lots of fun play dates.

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