Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Harry Potter

So this post is entirely for my own record keeping. I kept a belly book for my pregnancy with Rory, but as 2nd children all over the world know, things are different the second time around. So as I sat awake in the middle of the night last night- I thought- "I should at least blog some stuff about the pregnancy so it is recorded somewhere". So here I am- just be warned this isn't that interesting to probably anyone but me, so feel free to skip this one. As for the reason I was up in the middle of the night and the reason for the dorky name of this post, my scar has started to be really painful. Normally it is inverted and puckered with extra skin (it is about 3 inches long on my abdomen from surgery I had as an infant) but at this point in the pregnancy it is stretched to the max and starting to hurt! I don't think it has any power to tell me when my enemies are near (another dorky HP reference) but it feels like it is going to bust open (my dr. assures me this is not the case.). So my official due date is Feb. 14th, with the ultrasound putting it at Feb. 8th, so just a few more weeks. Things that have differed this time around is that I am lot less active, more fatigued and got way bigger-way faster. THe baby is hanging really low so walking very far is out of the question- I can't even imagine swinging a golf club, which is how we passed the time in week 41 with Rory. I have gained 12 lbs so far, but none in the last few weeks so who knows where I will end up at the end. I think I was about 16 with Rory. I haven't craved as many different foods this time, but the ones I have craved have been a hard itch to scratch. For some reason chocolate cake has been on my mind at least 3 nights a week, but I can't seem to find the product that actually satisfies the craving. Actually, not true- the co-op in corvallis sells the one cake that has been absolutely heaven! I have had a pretty limited apetite for most of the pregnancy, but I am anticipating the "nursing hunger" I experienced with rory- much more desperate then anything I experienced while pregnant. I have been obsessed with juice. Can't get enough of it- doesn't matter what kind. All the medical stuff has been uneventful- totally normal, healthy pregnancy so far. My blood pressure remains low, and I continue to have some fainting symptoms. I only actually passed out the one time at work (totally embarrassing) but have had dizzy spells off and on. The only other difference this time that stands out for me is the lack of anxiety. I was so ready and anxious to meet rory that 41 weeks was almost torture. This time I know what to expect with delivery and in the first months and am more then happy to let this baby hang out as long as he/she likes! I am still really excited to meet him/her, however I know that all good things take time and am happy to wait (and get more things done off my list!!!) I think that's all I can think of. Now at least this baby can't say that I didn't write down anything for him/her! I will keep everyone posted on baby developments, Britt

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Shahnaz said...

Great post, Britt. I loved it! I'm so sorry that your scar is hurting! I hadn't even thought about that. Yikes! I love the HP references, by the way.

I will be so happy to meet the new babe whenever s/he decides it's time! Love you!