Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas part 2

So after the trying travels of Christmas Eve we were so pleased to have a relaxing Christmas at home. Rory slept in (all the way til 8am!!!) and then made her way downstairs to wait for Baba and Papa (pat's parents) to arrive. She literally waited by the door and watched through the mails slot for like 20 minutes. We have decided that Christmas mornings each year will be spent at our house with anyone who wants to join us more then invited. This year we had pat's parents and his brother Kevin and niece Sabine join us. Sabine lives in Vermont so it is always a special treat to have her visit. We had planned to cook a special breakfast using recipes from our childhoods, but due to the travel issues of the day before and the lack of access to a grocery store in the week leading up to the holidays we had to punt. Luckily Pat's mom is nothing if she's not prepared and brought with her sausage, yummy rolls, extra eggs, juice etc. Basically she saved the day, although pat did make quite an impressive show out of the things he found at the 7-11 in our neighborhood. So we opened stockings, ate tons of food and opened lots of presents. It was lovely, casual, fun, and felt like Christmas should. Rory's big gift was a kitchen from Pat's parents so Kevin spent some time putting that together (under the supervision of rory of course) and Sabine gave rory some lessons on how to play with it. They are soooo cute together and Rory literally follows Sabine around mimicking her- in this pic, she had put on Sabine's coat and boots and was calling herself Sabine. Sabine got an American Girl doll and shrieked like only 6 year old girls can. She was so excited and it was fun to watch the girls get into all their new stuff. Rory perfected her thank yous and hug giving and seemed to enjoy giving the gifts as much as getting them (well, maybe not quite). My big present from Pat was a new camera, so I had fun playing around with that. I can't believe what great pictures it takes and I look forward to spending some time with the manual learning all the cool tricks. After naps for everyone we made the trek up to Pat's parents house and enjoyed dinner there. It was fun because Joanne stayed busy playing with the girls and I got a break and even got a present made. Pat cooked a HUGE prime rib and we had an absolutely wonderful meal together. Again, casual and laid back was the theme of the day.

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