Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monster March

Our neighborhood has this tradition on the Sunday before halloween that there is a Monster March Parade. They said that over 1000 families participated and it was pretty impressivce. The parade was led by a fire truck, police escort, and the middle school marching band. The rest is just families all dressed up and walking around a few blocks. We went last year, but since Rory was little we just sat on the curb. This year we invited the sahnow clan up and all marched together. The kids were so cute. It was great because it gave them another excuse to wear their costumes. Owen was Sir Owen of midvale, a knight with cape and hand made shield by grandpa Stan. I didn't get any good pics of him so see Sahnow Boys blog for those. Quincy was a farmer and got lots of comments on his shoes which were crocs that Shahnaz had tied farm animals too- so creative! Rory was "alt bee" as pat was calling her. She had the regular bee accessories, but added her combat boots, striped baby legs, and down vest with yellow duck tape stripes. The new pixie haircut (a total accident and worthy of a different entry) just added to her alternative look. She reminded me of some of my students at gateway. Anyway, they all looked great and had fun. My favorite part was that my dad spent the entire time on the side of the parade route waving to the kids. As soon as we would get past him, he would run ahead and then yell and wave at them again. Rory loved it. Each time she would spy him, she got really excited that someone was there cheering her on. I think he got more of a work out then he had anticipated. He defintely gets the award for best parade audience member ever! I am hoping that this becomes part of our yearly halloween tradition! I forgot to mention that as many adults were dressed up as kids, including Brady and Pat as "blazers"? those two are as cute together as the cousins!

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drygoods said...

I can't get over how cute Rory is these days! And also, how much she's changing each time you update the photos. What a doll! It's so cute to see her, Quincy and Owen spending time together. I couldn't think of three cuter cousins...well I think it's a dead heat between these three and the Klink-Badger trio:) Hope you're feeling well with number two!