Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Day

We started Halloween with a visit to Grandma Dawni's school to see all the kids. Rory was a little hesitant, but enjoyed seeing Grandma all dressed up. That night we had people over to our house for dinner and trick or treating. Rory loved being a bee all night, loved handing out candy to all the kids, and was very into going door to door. Our neighborhood is INSANE with kids, I think they bus them in from all over Portland. I can see why, several houses gave Rory full size candy bars (which we promptly rehanded out!) I gave out play-doh and am shocked we didn't get egged! Rory did great, said "trick or treat" with a little prompting, and was thrilled with the treasures she collected in her "pumpkin purse". She doesn't know what candy is, so she just thought it was cool to collect the different shapes and colors, she didn't know what was inside. She kept shaking the M&Ms like they were an instrument. I am sure next year will be a different experience. By the end of the night she was answering the door in her diaper and was basically asleep on her feet. Grandma stayed to babysit while Mandy and I made an appearance at a real live grown up halloween party- what a treat! Nothing says fun night out like two pregos out past 9pm. We could barely get a conversation in between all the yawning! I did steal rory's bee wings so technically I was in costume! A fun night for all and another first for miss rory.

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