Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1st day of school- round 2.

So rory started back at school today and lucy had her first day ever. I'll start with rory. She did fantastic- she has the same teacher, but moved up to an older classroom. she is one again the youngest in the room. she didn't remember her friends from last spring, but quickly jumped in and all reports were that she did great and had a lot of fun. one distict difference between this year and last year's first day was the dressing. last year she wore (at my choosing) tights, orange boots, matching brown jumper, pig tails. all in all- total cuteness. this year she came out of her room (where she goes each morning for "privacy', shuts the door and comes out with a "ta-da!") in orange bike shorts, a white tank top w/ butterflies, a headband, 4 hair clips, and some beads. she then requested i add a bandana. needless to day, cute in an entirely different way. i insisted she add something over the bike shorts, so in the end she added a skirt and sweater and looked fairly put together. she was very proud of her "grown-up passenger bag". i think she meant messenger bag, but she loves it either way. you will also notice in the pics her new haircut. this happened while i was in vegas, but grandma swears that the lady told her that the long hair was very damaged due to chlorine and just needed to be cut off. it is pretty cute.
so lucy was very excited to get to go to school just like rory, until she realized that meant that we were all leaving her there by herself. she did great for 4 days w/o pat and i, but appearanly 3 hours of school was too much. when it was time to go home, she left happy, and blew her teacher kisses, so there is hope, but the first report was "she had a rough day' and i returned to very red and swollen eyes. we'll just have to wait and see how next week goes. My favorite part was how excited she was to wear her little backpack.
she kept turning around and showing it off. we are very lucky that they have such a wonderful place to go learn, play and grow.

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hillary77 said...

Rory reminds me so much of Sabine in these!