Monday, August 30, 2010

rory's 1st "graduation"

Before school starts again, i thought i should catch up on how school ended for miss rory last year. she ended up having her tonsil surgery right near the end of the year, so was out for a few weeks at the end. she did recover just in time to participate in their 'graduation" celebration. really it was for the kiddos going on to kindergarten next year, but for rory's class it was an end of year celebration. it was super cute and the kids all sang a couple of songs, some in english and some in spanish. they each got to wear a hat (rory refused) and walk across the stage. they each got a certificate and a big hug from miss angie.
grandma dawni and baba were able to join us, and after the program was dinner and music for dancing/playing. we ended the evening with some special frozen yogurt treats. it was really fun and a good way to introduce rory to the concept of summer break. that being said, it is almost september and we are ramping up for lucy to start school one morning a week and for rory to start her second year with miss angie.

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