Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring photos

Here are some of the shots from the girls' last photo shoot with our friend pk. There aren't as many of lucy because she doesn't do much yet, but I love the ones of Rory outside our house and the one he did get of lucy is a great photo considering she was only 6 wks old. my favorite one is of Rory sitting in the back patio where you can see her green socks. those socks represent the daily adventure that is getting her dressed and her constant struggle to add one more accessory. It's no wonder that the Fancy Nancy book became a quick favorite. She does seem to have a decent sense of style, she always manages to make it work. Thanks to PK for continueing to give us these images! I am trying to push him towards doing this professionally, I think he is really good! Lot's going on in the next few weeks, I feel like everyone is all over the map, so please all travel safe and have fun. ~b

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Rebecca said...

Britt, those photos are amazing! I also love the one of Rory sitting outside w/her green socks showing. She is so super adorable. Cole and I look forward to many more play dates this summer!