Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back track to st.patrick's day

So one of the benefits of having my new big camera is that I get to keep my old little digital in the diaper bag at all times- which has come in handy many times. The drawback is that I forget about it and hardly ever remember to download pics from it- so when I do they are older. Sooooo, here are some pics from the weekend before st. Patrick's day. We used to go to the Kell's tent on Saturday night and meet up with large groups of friends and celebrate in true Irish style, with many Guinness. For the past 2 years we have done the modified version of Saturday afternoon, meeting just a few friends and equal parts food and drinks. It actually is a lot of fun, and i don't miss the nighttime version at all. When you go in the afternoon it is free, you get to watch little kids dance to Irish music, including our little leprechaun. Rory loved the Irish Wolfhound dogs- they are absolutely stunningly huge and graceful. All in all a really fun day. This year Pat's parents came down to meet us so Rory was in heaven with Baba to spring for face painting and souvenirs. We didn't get to do the Adidas walk this year due to other commitments, but are hoping to bring it back as a maloney family tradition next year. The other great part of going to the kells tent is you get to see BP wearing green- a once a year event! for all you portlanders I highly recommend this family friendly event and hope to see you there next year!

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