Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving celebrations

So I am going to skip a bunch of posts I have in the que and try to just keep up to date with all the holiday stuff. As usual we had a very fun and VERY busy holiday weekend. We spent actual turkey day at Pat's parents with the entire Maloney clan- it was great to see everyone and the food was amazing! Rory woke up that morning sick, so she was a bit fussier then normal- but still had a great time chasing her cousins around and showing off her twirling and acrobatics. I will add pics from that day when I get them off of Pat's dad's camera (it is a fabulous camera- so I take any opportunity to use it!) Friday morning we got up and headed south to my dad's house to spend the day with the fam. This included the 3 cousins running circles through the house, total chaos, aunt shahni horsey rides (and collapse) and a special showing of "albiquerque he's my turkey" by mr. Owen. We had a great meal with everyone and the hurried off the Corvallis light parade. It was a bit long- but the kids LOVED it. It was fun to see everyone including the klinkhammer/badger clan and the matzkes. There were lots of dogs (wrapped in christmas lights!), floats, lights, music and just plain sillyness. This parade also marks another first for Rory- she got a balloon. I am categorically against them (afraid of them?) so she hadn't had one up until this point. She loved it of course! It was really fun and a tradition we will join in anytime we Makes me very excited for the upcoming holiday season and all the business it brings!

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