Wednesday, December 3, 2008

other then the game- civil war was great!

Other then the obvious disappointment in a completely crappy Beaver performance on Saturday, it was a really fun day. Rory was feeling better so we left her for the afternoon at my dad and Linda's house and she got to go to the park and have solo playtime with the grandparents- such a treat! Around noon Madi and I headed down to campus to catch up with the Brady and Pat who had organized and hosted a tailgater out of the back of our jeep. Now compared to tailgating out of RV's (which we have always done in the past) this seems pretty rustic (no TV, no bathrooms), but the guys did a great job. Brian and his family were right next to us so it turned into a pretty big group. Brianne made homemade treats and brady brought left over treats from the Turkish family that had joined them for thanksgiving. We had tons of food, lots sunshine and a variety of people came and went throughout the afternoon. It was really fun and only dampened by the actual game. Brady plugged in his ipod so we had tunes as well. my favorite was Owen dancing in the middle of the crowd to "I like to move it, move it!" as well as when O requested the star spangled banner so we all crossed our hearts and sang along- too funny. They did kill the jeep's battery so we had to jump it right before game time to make sure we could leave afterwards. Brian's brother, Corey gets a huge shout out for helping us jump it, even though it meant getting a late start to the stadium- thanks corey- you are my hero!! Anyway, no bragging rights, and no rosebowl, but a great day and a great end to a very fun season.

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Shahnaz said...

You're right, Britt. Except for the game, it was the perfect Civil War day! You got some really great pictures!!