Saturday, August 2, 2008

So I have gotten WAY behind on blogging, but I am going to make a valiant effort to catch up and do better about staying current. I so look forward to other people updating their blogs- so I figured I better return the favor. This time I am not totally to blame. My laptop blew up and so now to get any screen time I have to use Pat's. Sharing computers may not be his strongest skill. Anyway, so way back in June Mandy and I took Rory to the children's rose parade. I mostly wanted to check it out so that in coming years I knew what I was dealing with. She is still young enough this year we could have bailed if it was crazy, but by next year if we say we are going to a parade I have a feeling I better produce a parade! Anyway, it was really fun and cute. lots of people, some of which appeared to do the whole sidewalk lawn chair camp out thing- we just walked up at the last minute and sat on someone's steps and enjoyed the view. Rory really liked the dairy float with a mascot cow on it- she had just learned to sign cow- and was very happy to use her new word. She also loved all the marching bands and drums. Overall I'd say it is definitely something to add to our growing list of traditions. Maybe next year we will get organized earlier and get a group to go together. ~Britt oh yeah- this last shot is of rory's "whatchu talking bout Willis?" face. classic.

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