Saturday, January 19, 2008

on second thought

maybe I should have been tisking(see last entry) more at omsi. We were there on Wed. and by Friday Rory had a fever and by sat. was in the ER with 104.2 temp. Scary, awful and not fun to say the least. The good news is kids tend to get better as quickly as they get sick- so she is fully recovered and we are starting to get back into our normal routine. No way to know for sure if it was all the chewing on toys at OMSI, or all the sick people (including her parents) that she has been around. I am still fairly convinced that we can't avoid this stuff- it is everywhere this year. We went back to her sign class on thurs. she is consistantly signing "more" "all done" "dog" and "hi/bye" She loves class, although rarely pays attention. She is too busy stealing toys from those younger then her and trying to get her toys back from those older then her- ah the pecking order! This week we start seriously working on her sleep schedule as I got offered a job with more hours and will probably be going to work for long days soon. We will start the process of finding a nanny/day care so if any of you know of someone PLEASE let me know!! Have a great weekend. Britt

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