Friday, July 23, 2010

Lucy at 17 months

I am actually not really sure of the date today, but i know that it is somewhere near the end of the month and that means that lucy is about 17 months. i thought i should write a little about where she is at, since i remember this time in rory's life as being one of very fast paced change. so lucy is still a bit of a bruiser, but has gained a ton of coordination and is actually becoming quite athletic. she can climb up anything and will do so at any opportunity. she loves to dance, which mostly consists of her twirling and "singing". She loves to swim/play in the water and is a total adrenaline junky. the bigger, faster the slide the better. she is just always on the go. she doesn't like to eat any fruit- but will tolerate bananas. she loves to any anything protien- meat, cheese, yogurt etc. she will only feed herself and will not tolerate help or a high chair- making for some messy meal times. i am okay with the mess b/c the trade off is the freetime i get at meal time. she loves shoes and is obsessed with getting rory's shoes on and then walking/tripping around. she likes to immitate rory in almost everything, and they are just now beginning to play together peacefully, sometimes. she can sign a bunch of words, including: all done, more, help, mom, dad, car, baby, food, binky, water, please, thank you, cat, dog, sad, sleep, tiger, elephant, monkey, fish, music. there are a lot more, but i can't think of them right now. she can verbally say, mom, dad, all done, bye, dog, duck, grandma. but she only says these things when SHE is in the mood. she is not really into performing on command. she has a new love of books- which i am excited to see. she is very determined and knows how to get a rise out of her sister, and frankly out of me. she loves her crib and sleeps great- although gets up really early. 6 is the norm, but can go earlier on some days. ugh. overall she is just a happy, healthy little ball of a toddler. she still has beautiful blue eyes and her hair is turning blonder this summer. she loves to ride bikes or really anything that moves. she continues to love dogs, but is an agressive lover, so we have to find really nice and patient dogs. that's about it. we love you lucy!

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