Monday, October 26, 2009

monster march

We decided to make an event out of the yearly neighborhood Halloween parade and invite our toddler friends and families to join us. It was such fun and will definitely be a tradition. We had a little food and drinks, and lots of friends and family. I set up a couple of art projects for the kids to do- and they all really got into it. The baby pumkin decorating was especially popular. Another favorite was the pile of Halloween books we have collected this year. Rory loves "There's a monster at the end of this book" which was one of my favs growing up. my favorite moment of the day was watching my dad read that book to the kids in the same style he used to read it to me.
After hanging out we got into costumes and headed to the parade. My dad and Linda definitely take the cake for best adult costume and what's really cool is that linda made them! She also made Quincy's big bird costume and some of owen's batman costume. All the kids were so adorable and it was really fun for them to get to wear their costumes more then once. The parade was fun, we narrowly missed the rain and the kids loved seeing all the fun costumes. Ideas for next year include tailgating on the parade route! Thanks to all who made it and we look forward to next year.

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