Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of school!!

I love school!! It was only preschool- but so much fun taking Rory to her first day today.
Pat suprised us and came home from work to escort Rory on her first day. I was so proud of her, she just kissed us goodbye and away she went. This is when I wish I was a good writer so that I could accurately describe the variety of emotuons that today held. I contemplated hanging around "just in case", but decided that if something goes awry that it would be better for her to deal on her own from the very beginning. BTW- Pat went back to look through the window TWICE- it was very cute! The end of class report from teacher Angie was all positive. I got the sense that Rory was a bit quieter then usual, but I can just imagine her standing there watching the kids and trying to figure it all out. I guess there were some brief tears when another girl painted Rory's hair and face green, but she recovered and was all smiles by the time I got there to pick her up. The funny thing is, Lucy was out of sorts all day- I think she missed Rory!! As Rory was going down for her nap today here was the conversation.
Rory "I can't go to sleep mom, I have to go to school"
Me "You already went to school this morning, we just got home from school"
Rory with a giggle "Oh yeah, I forgot!"
It obviously didn't leave a lasting impression.

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Lisa said...

Rory looks so grown up in these pictures.