Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the 4th

I had hopes of finding time to blog about all the adventures that happened on our 9 day sunriver trip-however these days I can't even get the dishes done- so blogging is a no-go. Needless to say the 4th was super fun- started the day with the animal parade in Bend- quite a sight! Then we hit the Sunriver fireman's picnic where Rory ruled the bounce house and Lucy got great use out of the pop-up shade tent I had bought- it was HOT! We ended the day with a bbq at the house and then into the village for some music and dancing. True to tradition- Rory and Sabine got ice cream from Goodies (something I did as a kid) and Rory LOVED it. The girls danced- the adults relaxed with drinks and lounge chairs- it was really fun. By the end of the day Rory was a mess- doing a sugar prompted version of the hokey pokey- I will keep trying to get that video up- so far no luck. Thanks to BrieAnne for the girls matching outfits- they got lots of compliments!

Oh yeah- the girls also made a happy birthday America cake- they each got their own cake and decorations thanks to Joanne- they were so focused and into it- a great project!

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