Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucy's open house

Once again I have gotten myself a month behind in the blogging department. Last month Linda and Dad were sweet enough to throw us a "come meet Lucy" open house. It was part baby shower and part open house. It was super relaxed and great to get to see so many people from Corvallis w/o having to drag Lucy all over town. there was lots of yummy food and even a frost your own cupcake station. This of course was Rory's favorite part. You can tell it is a weekend spent and grandma and grandpa's when you get 2 cupcakes in one day! Rory also managed to get some cool big sister gifts and only made it half way through the party before she shed her party dress and opted for the new swim suit. It was a really lovely party and we are so lucky to have so many people help us welcome miss Lucy to the family!

Ps- I do realize that it was Lucy's party and yet all the pictures are of Rory. As a second child I am painfully aware of this phenomenon, however this time I tried to take pictures of Lucy, but she was so busy being held and cuddled by all the guests i didn't even really see her all day. More pics of her next time, I promise!

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