Monday, February 4, 2008

killer superbowl party

So the days of our house hosting a huge superbowl party with lots of people, food, beer and general mayhem (I still have the picture of the year the keg shell ended up on the roof) are OVER. This year we did end up with a few people last minute, a little beer, a lot of food (thanks to Brianne!!), and still some mayhem. I can honestly say this year saw the most nudity ever! If you are wondering what is in Rory's hair- it is oatmeal- we are working on her spoon skills. Hope you all enjoyed the game (sorry AJ) and aren't in too much of a football withdrawl. ~Britt


Shahnaz said...

I particularly love th elook on Miss Rory's face in the picture with oatmeal in her hair. She looks so mischievous and proud!

the Klinks said...

She is so cute!!!

Mia got her book today - THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's one we didn't have but definitely needed! She loved it - we've read it 3 times already.

Hope to see you guys when we are out visiting in March?!